The International Ski Instructors Association, better known as the ISIA, is the world body for professional snowsports instructors. The ISIA was formed in 1971 and there are currently 39 member nations representing the very best in snowsport instruction around the world.

APSI is a member of the ISIA with the authority to issue the ISIA stamp to those who have met the criteria. Please note, APSI does not currently issue the ISIA card.

Holding an ISIA stamp shows current or potential employers that you have met the minimum standards, as set out by the ISIA Quality Standards. It also affords the stamp holder discounts and benefits at resorts around the world.

Information about the ISIA stamp criteria and application process is available to current members only. Please log in to your MyAPSI account and navigate back to this page to continue to the information below.

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