Life Membership is awarded in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the APSI organisation by an individual member. This honour is reserved for those whose contribution goes beyond the ordinary or even the excellent for an extended period.


It will no longer be a requirement for Nominees to have received a service award. However, Nominees must have been a valid APSI member for a minimum of 10 years to be eligible.

Nominations on the prescribed form must be submitted to the APSI office ( not later than 5pm on the 14 May on any given year.

Nomination forms must include:

  • A proposer and a seconder (both must be current members, and neither can be the nominee).
  • The Nominee’s Contribution: Maximum 300 words outlining the “above and beyond” contribution from the nominee.
  • Verification of Contribution: To verify the above contribution, the nomination form must be signed by any two of the following:
    • APSI Technical Director
    • APSI General Manager
    • APSI Board member
  • Character Referee: While not a requirement, it will be looked upon favourably if the nomination form is accompanied by a signature from the Nominee’s ASAA Snowsports School Manager (if ever employed) acting as a referee attesting to the suitability of the Nominee’s character. If a board member is nominated, then the President can sign in place of SS Manager.
  • Verification of more than 10 years of APSI membership: Once the nomination form is submitted to the APSI office, the form must be signed by the General Manager to verify 10 years of APSI membership.

To download the nomination form please click on the blue button below. To view the blue button please ensure you are a current member and logged in to your MyAPSI account.


  • Board members are provided with the nomination forms for review.
  • Board members will conduct an anonymous priority vote to establish a merit list based on the information provided on the nomination forms.
  • The top two nominees on the merit list are voted on individually by the Board. Nominees must receive 6 out of 7 Board votes in favour to be awarded life membership.
  • Successful nominees are awarded Life membership at the AGM



For the Board of Management to vote in favour of a nomination, the nominee should have met all of the following criteria:

  1. Have no substantiated breach of the Constitution, By Laws or Code of Conduct or in any other way have brought the name of the APSI into disrepute.
  2. Have made a demonstrable outstanding contribution that goes beyond the ordinary or even the excellent for an extended period. The individual:
    • Substantially and positively changed the APSI by their contribution AND
    • Sustained a substantial level of, and commendable, personal input over and above that expected from the individual in their role over an extended period AND
    • Produced outcomes linked to the individual's effort that can be clearly documented and corroborated.



Life Membership awards are capped at two (2) per year.


Dean Sheppard 2022 Thomas Langtry 2022
Kylie Dwyer 2021 Chris Allen
Ian Bruce Tina Burford
Jason Clauscen Kerry Dodd
Grant Elliot Warren Feakes
Marty Firle Mathew Gilder
Anthony Hill Dean Hill
Bob Irwin Richard Jameson
Keith Jephcott Paul Lorenz
Peter Mack Mark McDonald
Don McInnes Nigel Mills
Daniel Monaghan  Graeme Morris
Ashley Muller George Perry
Brett Plumridge Con Poulos
Josie Preiss Tim Robertson
Andrew Rae Rebecca Rae
Geoff Sawyer Matthew Smith
Tony Smythe Brad Spalding
Tim Stuart Selena Webber
Bruce Wharrie