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General Manager

Position Title

General Manager (GM), Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors (APSI)


Jindabyne NSW 

Reports to

APSI Board of Management

Reporting to this position

  • APSI Administration Coordinator
  • APSI Member Services Officer
  • APSI Technical Directors (TD's) and their teams
  • APSI Training and Examining Staff

Position Objectives

  • Drive the implementation of APSI's operations to achieve the strategic goals of the organisation and Board
  • Be a key developer of the APSI's strategic direction, creatively developing current and new opportunities for the organisation and its members
  • Function as a conduit between the Board, discipline heads (TD's) staff, members and industry stakeholders while delivering programs and services that address the needs of the Australian Ski Area Association (ASAA) resorts and the broader snow sports industry
  • Develop systems and procedures that allow for best practice business management including the ability to pivot where required, while also providing the Board clear concise and accurate briefs to ensure Board decisions are evidence-based
  • Ensure the APSI is compliant with all relevant state and federal statutory obligations (seeking advice from the Board, and other agencies or individuals as required)

Key Relationships

  • APSI Members, Staff and Board of Management
  • Australian Ski Areas Association (ASAA)
  • Snow Australia (SA)
  • International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA)
  • Australian Ski Patrol Association (ASPA)
  • Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA)
  • APSI Suppliers
  • Australian Snow Resorts and Snowsports Schools

Position Description

Reporting to a volunteer board, this position is responsible for the overall management, development, and operational governance of the organisation for the advancement of our members, our staff and our industry. Sound control measures across finance, on-snow operations, risk, special projects and general business operations and systems provide the platform to drive strategy. The position will engage key stakeholders and decision makers to achieve excellence in training and certification of Snowsports Instructors to strengthen the reputation of Australian-qualified snow sport professionals as well as that of our industry globally and domestically. 

The GM role is both strategic and operational in nature. A primary function of the GM is the facilitation of stakeholder engagement, building strong, respectful, and productive external and internal relationships to maintain the APSI’s excellent reputation across the snow sports industry at home and abroad. The GM also needs to maintain strong oversight of on-snow operations, ensuring these remain within agreed business measures. 

Along with excellent communication skills, the GM applies robust business knowledge and experience to planning and managing core business operations and personnel to deliver great outcomes while providing quality services to members. The GM provides stewardship to promote organisational sustainability and safeguard members’ livelihoods.

The Australian winter season, June to the end of September, may require time on snow in NSW and Victoria. Depending on the GM’s areas of expertise, the role may require international travel (such as to Japan) to oversee courses and exams or build commercial relationships. The demands of the position may exceed a standard five-day working week from time to time.

Key Skills, Responsibilities and Duties

Stakeholder Engagement, Relationships, Communication and Behaviour
  • Effectively communicate and network with internal and external stakeholders and proactively build productive and respectful relationships in Australia and overseas (including ISIA and Interski).
  • Drive meaningful consultation with stakeholders and apply good judgment to commissioning professional services and achieving suitable outcomes in negotiating partnership agreements. 
  • Demonstrate exceptional professional values including integrity, transparency, respect for others and acceptance of differences.
  • Represent the APSI professionally at relevant fora to build the APSI’s reputation and influence industry stakeholders.
  • Communicate and collaborate with the Board to determine and clarify the APSI’s strategic and operational priorities.
  • Deliver compelling corporate communications across all media including periodic refresh of the APSI brand (e.g. uniforms and logo), updated training manuals, website and social media platforms and publication of the annual Snowpro magazine.
  • Work in a fair and equitable manner providing support while creating a safe environment for staff to raise issues, and ensure issues are addressed in a timely and professional manner.
Leadership, Innovation and Strategic Planning
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders including Technical Directors to formulate new proposals and concepts for innovative products and services to drive member engagement and enhance member benefits.
  • Implement approved projects towards sustainable growth of the APSI’s membership and product offerings.
  • Mentor staff, share opportunities with others and adapt to, support and proactively implement innovation and change.
  • Lead continuous development of the Australian snow sport teaching system to uphold industry standards.
  • Lead the development and implementation of the organisation’s financial and operational goals, objectives, policies and priorities.
  • Work with and support TD’s and Technical Committees in the development of submissions and project proposals to the Board, as well as that of new learning and educational materials to be made available across diverse platforms.
  • Develop and implement creative ideas to obtain corporate sponsorship and assist the Interski team to plan, coordinate and host fund-raising events. 
  • Facilitate the APSI’s engagement in developing coach certifications in collaboration with Snow Australia.
Operational Management
  • Identify APSI training needs with ASAA resorts, prepare the annual training calendar, plan and coordinate Trainers’ Coordination annually, and coordinate delivery of all APSI training programs
  • Manage operations and internal administrative processes across snow sport disciplines including approving training rosters and timesheets and, where appropriate, overseeing training courses and staff on-mountain.
  • Manage recruitment, engagement and performance of staff including the office team, Technical Directors and trainers, and manage logistics to economically deploy personnel to deliver on business priorities. 
  • Liaise with resorts, as agreed with ASAA, to monitor consistency of implementation of the Australian teaching system.
  • Support the Australian Interski Team’s events, projects and fundraising as required.
  • Improve operating systems and procedures to improve business efficiency, monitoring performance and effectiveness, and adjusting operations as necessary to meet or exceed financial goals and results.
Governance and Financial Management 
  • Liaise with the APSI’s bookkeeper and Treasurer to oversee financial management of the APSI.
  • Communicate and collaborate with the Board or Board Executive, presenting good judgment in seeking prior approval for decisions such as those affecting memberships, multi-year liabilities, organisational risk, representation or altered staffing engagements.
  • Develop, administer and recommend the annual operating budget to the board, including revenue forecasts, and improvement/ project budget for the organisation and each discipline.
  • Manage finances and exercise appropriate financial and human resource delegations to control costs.
  • Identify emerging strategic, operational, financial and other risks and contribute to developing and maintaining the APSI’s risk register and management plan.
  • Analyse cost and revenue data to deliver accurate and timely evidence-based advice and reports to the Board and other stakeholders, including Snowsports Directors, to inform decision-making.
  • Lead the annual audit and implement other internal and external financial controls and governance arrangements to fulfill the APSI’s regulatory compliance obligations.
Employee Support and People Management
  • Develop and update employment and other human resource-related policies and procedures.
  • In consultation with the Board, recruit Technical Directors.
  • Monitor, manage, mentor and support Technical Directors and staff.
  • Manage and support employees to work productively and develop professionally.
  • Set expectations and standards of performance and behaviour with staff and provide regular guidance and informal feedback.
  • Develop an employee appraisal system and conduct employee performance assessments at least annually.
  • Manage Work Health and Safety compliance and return to work programs for injured personnel as necessary.
  • Manage complex conflicts and support all staff in managing challenges as they may arise from time to time.

For more Information

If you would like more information, please contact Paul Lorenz, President, APSI Board of Management

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