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We believe that the APSI provides great products to our members, and it is our trainers that uphold and enhance that quality from year to year. 
Rookie trainer selection is a season long process beginning with the first selection held before Trainer’s Coordination, followed by various training and assessment tasks that need to be fulfilled. After the season, the discipline technical committees will review all rookie trainers and determine whether they will be promoted ‘level trainer’ status based on their performance over that year. 
Included is an outline explaining what can be expected during the selection day, key dates, and a guideline of what needs to be covered over the season. All of which should help you decide if a position on the APSI training team is for you as well as if you are prepared enough to become a vital part of the APSI training program.  


To submit an application to become a Rookie Trainer, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a citizen, resident or temporary resident of Australia
  • Be a current member of the APSI
  • Own the current APSI teaching manual
  • Be employed by an APSI approved Snowsports School
  • Have completed at least 3 full seasons working for an APSI approved Snowsports school
  • Have successfully completed the following (discipline dependent):
    • Alpine Level 4
    • Snowboard Level 3 and be engaged in the APSI level 4 pathway (have already attended a level 4 course)
    • (or have been approved for Recognition of Prior Learning at the above levels)

Key Dates

Friday 12th May 2023







Expressions of Interest OPEN

To express interest in becoming an APSI Rookie Trainer, please submit a 1-minute video sharing the following:

  • A little about you
  • Why you would like to become a Rookie Trainer
  • What will you bring to the APSI and its members

Please email your submissions to with the subject line – ‘APSI Rookie Selection Submission’. If your video file size is too large, please use a file sharing service e.g., Google Drive and include the link in your submission. 

Tuesday 30th May 2023


Expressions of Interest CLOSE

Please ensure that you have submitted your video submission expressing your interest by 5pm 30th May 2023

Sunday 4th June 2023
9:00am – 4:00pm 








2023 APSI Rookie Selection day - Mt. Hotham Resort
Please meet in the Hotham central building, with ski/snowboard equipment. 
Topics that may be covered on the day could include
  • Level 2 theory 
  • Level 2 movement analysis on resort guests 
  • Level 2 demonstration tasks
  • Movement analysis and feedback for Level 2 instructors on their riding and demonstrations 
  • Interviews 
  • Group presentations

Note: If there is not enough snow during the selection day, both freeski/freeride and demonstrations will be reassessed later in the season. 








 Upon successful selection, the following training tasks need to be met throughout the 2023 Australian winter: 

  • Attend Trainer’s Coordination 2023 at Mt. Hotham – 6th & 7th June (details to be provided upon being offered a position). 
  • Attend Exam Day Coordinator (EDC) Training at Mt. Hotham - 8th June 2023.
  • Attend Rookie specific training when it is scheduled. 
  • Provide employee information to be filed at APSI head office. 
  • Attend Trainer Development Day (TDD) in own resort.   
  • Attend minimum of one full APSI course day as Rookie (preferred 2 days). 
  • Lead/shadow minimum 10 hours of in-house on-snow training (at the specific level). 
  • Lead/shadow minimum 2 hours of in-house indoor training (at specific level). 
  • Provide the discipline technical committee with video of your: 
    • Alpine: short turns, medium turns and Snowplough turns. 
    • Snowboard: steered short turns, steered medium turns, steered medium down unweighted turns 
  • Write a training session plan, topic to be given by your resort training coordinator. 
  • Take an in-house training session, using the above training plan, under the guidance of your resort training coordinator. 
  • Attend APSI level 1 & 2 exams in your state as a Rookie Trainer. 
  • Complete the APSI trainers training log and self-assessment (APSI Redbook and Staff resources in ‘MyAPSI’).  Forward to your discipline Technical Director by Sep 26, 2023. 

The technical committee may recommend promotion of a Rookie Trainer to level trainer prior to completion of the above requirements, subject to approval from the discipline Technical Director. If any of the above requirements have been previously attained, your resort training coordinator can sign you off as ‘completed’.  We hope you enjoy this journey and look forward to welcoming you on to the APSI training team.