Are you participating in an exam at another Resort?

The Preparation Days are for you! Prep days are held immediately before Alpine and Snowboard exams and offer an opportunity to ski/ride with an APSI examiner on terrain that the exam components are likely to be held on. The purpose of the day is to provide familiarization of the terrain with suggested tactics for skiing/riding and planning your teaching progressions. 


The Examiner will ski/ride you through the exam tasks on the terrain that may host the skiing/riding on the exam day. They will discuss what the examiners are looking for and demonstrate the tasks.


Please Note: These days are not to "check-in" with an Examiner to see if you're on track for the exam the following day. The examiner will not be providing feedback in relation to the exam and will not comment on the potential outcome of the exam. It is intended for terrain familiarization if you are participating in an exam in a foreign resort. The exact terrain that the exams will be conducted on will be determined on the first morning of the exam and may also vary from the terrain ridden on the Prep day.

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