Advancing Women in Snowsports (AWS)

Our vision is an APSI that actively promotes the role of women and creates opportunities to empower females to participate and pursue a career in Snowsports Instruction. 

Our mission is to implement and sustain long-standing initiatives within the APSI that promote equitable opportunities for women across all areas. The AWS, along with the female trainers, have formed an approach to allow for change to occur within the APSI. 











Education | Inspiration | Interaction

The snowsport industry globally is predominantly male-dominated, with a noticeable lack of female presence and representation across various snowsport resorts and disciplines. This gender disparity has been a longstanding issue, and efforts are now being made to address it. Every female trainers recognised the under representation of women in the Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors (APSI) and the need to increase womens participation and visibility. Through their collaborative efforts, they identified the need for a committee specifically focused on promoting gender equity within the APSI and the wider snowsports industry thus the 'Advancing Women in Snowsports' was born in 2020.
The aim is to develop initiatives and strategies that empower and encourage more female involvement, inspiring the next generation of women to pursue careers in snowsports and ensuring a more inclusive and diverse industry as a whole.




The AWS has developed the following Three Pillars for action: Education | Inspiration | InteractionThe Three Pillars will underpin AWS strategy and the following examples are: 


Educating members on gender disparity topics, for example, unconscious bias and micro aggressive behaviours

Providing opportunity for members to engage with female trainers through on-snow clinics, training, networking and events.

Providing a means to keep in touch with members and nurture a sense of community through social events. forums, members sessions, research and further interactions

Promoting awareness of the power and effects of language

Ensuring females are represented as equal role models with the intention to retain and progress more female members, candidates and staff

Supporting and/or encouraging members to report discrimination experienced and/or observed across the APSI in accordance with the APSI's Complaints and Grievance Manage Policy which outlines the process to report discrimination

Consider adopting the following Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPS) established by UN Global Compact and UN Women, and also encourage the APSI to join this community further down the track


"We need valuable role models of diversity - not only women but older instructors, Indigenous & Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and people of colour within the APSI. The APSI AWS committee is just the start of what should be a cultural shift towards representation, diversity, and inclusivity in our organisation.

The AWS committee, in collaboration with the APSI Board are continuously working on developing strategies and working towards meeting the initiatives outlined in the annual action plan. We welcome all participation and involvement from all APSI members and can be reached at "

- Angela Pope | Chair | on behalf of the Advancing Women in Snowsports Committee







The Advancing Women in Snowsports (AWS) committee report is an annual report that encapsulates each years activities and operations and also looks towards the following year.

We are excited about the future for women in snowsports!

To read the report, please click below: 

AWS Report 2022 

AWS Report 20/21


AWS Female Trainer Networking Session - 10th June 2021


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Terms of Reference





AWS Committee Angela

Hello everyone, I’m Angela Pope. I have been immersed in the snow industry for well over a decade, and in 2013, I made the transformative decision to become an instructor with the APSI (Australian Professional Snowsports Instructors). As a Level 4 Examiner Trainer and a National Team Member, I recently had the incredible opportunity to represent my country at Interski 2023 in Levi, Finland.

Throughout my journey, I have developed a deep love for this industry and firmly believe that everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, or background, should have equal opportunities to achieve their full potential on the slopes. Inclusivity and equal access to the sport are paramount to me. I hold various certifications, including Alpine (Level 4 Trainer), race coach, telemark, park, and adaptive skiing, which allow me to contribute to the growth and development of aspiring instructors.

Passionate about addressing the underrepresentation of women in sports, a challenge that extends beyond our industry, I am dedicated to driving positive change. By fostering an environment of equal partnership between men and women, we can build strong communities and societies together. As a member of the AWS (Advancing Women in Snowsports) Committee, I am genuinely excited and inspired for the future. I envision a future where men and women uplift each other, enabling everyone to aspire to new heights.

Advocating for the advancement of future female leaders in the snow sports industry is both a privilege and a responsibility. It is my commitment to ensure that their pathways remain at the forefront of APSI's objectives. Together, we can create a more inclusive and diverse snow sports community where individuals can achieve their desired certifications, pursue their passion for the sport, and thrive without any form of discrimination.
Let's work together to build a stronger, more vibrant future for all snow enthusiasts. By empowering others, fostering equality, and creating supportive pathways, we can push the boundaries of what's possible in snow sports instruction. I am genuinely excited about the future of our industry, where men and women unite to uplift and encourage each other. Together, let us inspire future generations and pave the way for a truly inclusive snow sports industry.

AWS Committee Jane

Hi, I'm Jane Scheer. I live in Jindabyne and am a passionate Nordic skier of some 25 years. I actively compete in citizen cross-country marathons and the annual Masters' World Cup competitions conducted in various locations in Europe, the USA, or Canada during the Northern Winters. I became a Nordic Instructor and APSI member seven years ago. Since then, my instructing role has increased dramatically, and I have successfully created and been running Masters’ Nordic skiing skills improvement programmes for the last four years. These have seen extensive participation by women. Since late 2019, I became the Managing Director of the K7 Ski School. Other highlights of my instructing career so far are selection onto the APSI Demo Team (Nordic), attending Interski Bulgaria in 2019, and of course, being voted to represent female APSI members on the AWS Committee. I put my hat into the ring of the AWS because I am passionate about increasing the participation and opportunities for women in the APSI and the snow-sports industry in general and believe that this will help grow the sport of Nordic skiing here in Australia too.

AWS Committee Kylie

Hi, I'm Kylie Dwyer. I have been involved in the Snowsports Industry since 1998 and am the current Snowboard Technical Director for the APSI. Growing up in Sydney, I started my journey in Snowsports at a later stage than most. I credit my early career to Selwyn Snowfields, NSW, where I was given my first opportunity at instructing. During those early years, I had many trainers that inspired me for different reasons and many trainers who showed they believed in me. Those trainers who believed in me, helped me instil a belief in myself, and it is my wish, as part of the AWS, that I can instil this belief in our next generation of Snowsports Instructors and Trainers.

AWS Committee Samantha

Hi, I'm Sam Hamilton. I've been with the APSI since 2015 as a candidate and staff since 2020 when I became an examiner. Over the years I have been an athlete, instructor, coach and examiner. Through all these roles I have worked with all types of people of all ages with all types of goals in the industry. As an athlete and while training for my certifications I was often one of few girls in a male-dominated sport. Because of this, I strive to increase female representation within the industry with the help of other women and our non-female colleagues. 

AWS Committee Chloe

Hi, I'm Chloe Merry. Originally from Hobart in Australia, I found my calling teaching skiing in Thredbo, Australia. I went on to spend numerous northern winters instructing at Vail/Beaver Creek, Whistler, Telluride, Copper Mountain, before settling on Aspen Snowmass as my USA ski home in 2013.  I was privileged to become the coach and program manager with the Australian Aerials Development Ski Team from 2016-2018.  I am also a trainer with the Aspen Snowmass Ski School, as well as coach and team member of the Aspen Team Divas and organisation (est. 1998) whose sole intention is to support and provide community for female ski professionals.  It is remains as one of the strongest and largest female snowsports networks, having produced multiple now snowsport industry CEO’s, interski demo team members and highly successful professional ski instructors.

With 17 years in the skiing industry, it is a career that has seen me challenge my own personal boundaries, physical capabilities and knowledge in my pursuit of the APSI certification pathway to trainer with the Aspen Snowmass Ski School.  This experience within our organisation and industry wide has given me valuable insight in the challenges faced by women in the pursuit of a fair and equal opportunity career in snow sports. 

As ski coach and program manager of the Australian Aerial Skiing Development Team I was able to witness the rewards and success of seeing athletes achieve at the highest international levels.  I also observed the difficulties and structure failures in relation to women, that resulted ending their participation or careers.  This position has given me invaluable insight to the challenges of gaining opportunity, providing the appropriate support and empowerment to ensure females can reach new heights of individual ability and success.  

It is my aspiration to continually be a role model and support all skiers, especially women, to participate in the sport at the highest level they choose whether it is recreationally, professionally or at a competitive level.  Essential to growing female membership and representation is fostering our future.  Presenting the youth with education, opportunity for involvement and demonstrating female representation in the sport at all levels and governance is essential in defying gender norms and breaking stereotypes. 

We also need to support the women of the Australian snow sports community now, this includes challenging ageism, establishing social networking, mentoring, creating programs or training clinics where it is a safe space to challenge skills and knowledge. Create inclusive and empowering environments that promote a future for female participants of the APSI and snowsports industry that is supportive, nurturing, and inspiring.

I embrace this privilege to work on this committee striving for gender equality, with a vision to connect, collaborate and create real and positive growth in our industry.