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Restore your qualifications

It is important that our previously qualified instructors keep their qualification updated and current!

We do this by providing a review of the latest teaching techniques available.


  • Update your contact details: log in to MyAPSI
  • Renew your membership: renew online or register for an update
  • Update your qualification: update days, spring sessions or home study
  • Order a new certificate if required: go to merchandise


A homestudy is ideal for instructors that are currently working, either in Australia or overseas, and cannot attend a course or spring sessions.

You will receive further instructions once you're registered but there are two components to the homestudy:

  • online quiz (approx, 30 mins) and
  • 6 hours of on-snow training (in your resort, to be signed off by your trainer)

Please contact the office for more information. 

Update Days

The update day will cover specific changes and updates to your level of certification and will focus on the following areas:

  • Skiing through the exam tasks at your current certification level
  • How to teach mechanics and not methods
  • Introduction to educational resource changes
  • Skier improvement

Spring Sessions

Spend the weekend meeting new friends or catching up with old ones. 

The APSI Spring sessions is a fun opportunity for all members to relax, learn and ride with some of Australia’s top trainers: the Interski Team!

Spring sessions have a relaxed vibe and you have full control over what topics you attend and the team members you ride with. Ranging from race drills to freestyle, the latest team technique to the much anticipated ‘girls ride session’ choosing a session will be easy and will be scheduled to best suit the conditions. So, you can hit the groomers in the morning and the bumps in the afternoon.

Select your preferred update method to get started!