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A New System For Adaptive Certification

Following the 2019 Interski, APSI surveys and feedback from countless instructors; the need to improve Adaptive training in the APSI was clear. In 2020, we are excited to roll out the new four tier adaptive courses and certification system for the APSI. These changes to the certification system will build on the basic skills in the current Adaptive certificate, and focus on delivering a wider range of adaptive lessons in the five key areas of Adaptive instructing: 
Cognitively & intellectually challenged students,  
Visually impaired students,  
Equipment assisted standing students,  
Independent seated skiing; and 
Assisted seated skiing.  
A new, two day level one course will commence this season, focused on training instructors to teach student who are cognitively or intellectually challenged, such as students on the autistic disorder spectrum or with learning difficulties, how to ski, snowboard and enjoy Snowsports that we all love.  
Following this, levels two and three, will expand on the foundations of adaptive teaching, and develop skills for teaching students with physical disabilities and challenges, including assisted standing skiing and seated skiing. Finally, a level four will be introduced as modular training level, familiar to Nordic and Telemark instructors.  
We are excited to introduce this new APSI Adaptive system to all APSI members.  With this new system, adaptive instructors will be better prepared to take on real world adaptive lessons and build their client base within their ski school. It will be easier for ski school supervisors and managers to understand the skill set of their instructors to better match an adaptive instructor to the guest in resort. 
Further details available on the APSI website here

For already certified Adaptive instructors seeking recognition for their certification, please contact the APSI.