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Q : How do I become a snow sports instructor?

A : You need to get a level one qualification!  Level one courses and exams are available at different locations throughout the snow season (including in Japan).
This training provides you with everything you need to know to embark on your snowsport instructing career. Check out our become an instructor page for more information.

Q : How do I get access to your app?

A : Our app is a great resource for all instructors. The app is available to download for free from the iTunes or GooglePlay stores. 

Once downloaded, current members can log in using their existing username or password (the same one you use to log in to our online store).

If you’re not a member you can choose to either join as an associate member to get free app access plus other member benefits, or buy a one year app subscription via in-app purchase.

Q : How do I renew my membership?

A : It’s easier than ever to renew your membership!

Membership now comes packaged with every event (course/exam) so if you haven’t already renewed for this year, you’ll automatically pay for your membership when you sign up for a course or exam.

If you’re just after a membership for now:

  • go to the membership section of our store
  • choose the type that best suits your needs
  • add to cart & follow the prompts to check out
Q : I have a qualification from an international snowsport association, can I train with you?

A : Most likely, but it really depends on what qualification and teaching experience you have.

You should apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) as we assess each application individually.

The best thing is to check out our RPL page under the what we do tab.

Q : I haven’t done any instructing for a while and would like to get involved again. What should I do?

A : Welcome back!

If you take a look at the restore your qualifications page , you'll see all the steps are laid out.

If you’re still not sure or need help, please contact our office.

Q : Can I do level one and two at once?

A : It depends on which discipline you’re training in.

However, in most cases you need to complete a level one course and exam and then be working as an instructor to start the level two program.

You can find the pre-requisites for each level of training on our professional development page.

Q : How do I get an ISIA stamp?

A :  ISIA stamps are only issued to members that are certified level three or higher.

If you are an existing stamp holder you need to keep your membership, qualification and first aid certificate up to date to be issued a stamp each year.

If you wish to apply for a stamp you must provide proof that you have fulfilled all the requirements.

Current members can read more on the ISIA page under the members menu (log in to access this page!)

Q : Can you help me get a job as an instructor?

A : Whilst we do not employ instructors, we do provide a list of current instructor job openings.

Check out our jobs page for more information.

Q : I've booked a course but I don't know where to stay, can you help me out?

A : Accommodation is not included in the cost of APSI events, so you'll need to make your own arrangements. However we do provide a list of recommended providers.

Check out our accommodation page for more information.