Alpine workshop #1

Adaptability through ski performance

In Australia, there a lot of variables which can affect the way we ski, and the performance we may get out of skis at a particular time. What are the key characteristics between all types of ski performance and what needs to change to be versatile enough to ski day to day.

workshop outline

Alpine workshop #2

Creating Versatile Teachers

The APSI on-snow teaching workshop at Interski 2019 aims to share how we train snowsports instructors to be versatile in teaching our Australian guests. Across the Australian resorts and international destinations worked at in the Northern seasons, APSI instructors strive to adapt to any situation they are presented with.  The need to be versatile comes from the many variables we encounter in a typical day to day lesson.

workshop outline 

Alpine indoor lecture

Training versatile instructors, the Australian way

A country as big as the USA, surrounded by ocean and filled with desert, yet the snowsports industry in Australia is thriving.

lecture outline

Photograph on lecture outline by James Crompton. Copyright © 2018 James Crompton.