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Welcome to the APSI Snowboard Homepage
....home of Snowboard Instructor training

APSI Snowboard is responsible for training and certifying all of the Snowboard Instructors within Australia. 

Our certifications have become internationally acclaimed for producing professional, knowledgeable snowboard instructors with the capabilities to teach and ride at very high standards. 

Here in APSI Snowboard you will be able to browse all of the courses, exams and educational products that will help you on the path to becoming a great instructor. 

Browse the appropriate level below to find a course that suits you.

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Snowboard resources >>>> on PDF icons below


PDF icon Level 1 training guide
PDF icon Level 2 training guide
PDF icon Level 3 training guide
PDF icon Level 4 training guide
PDF icon MA Sheet
PDF icon MA training guide
PDF icon Freestyle MA sheet
PDF icon Freestyle MA training guide
PDF icon 2017 Snowboard calendar


Our contact for snowboarding is:  Adam Federico, Snowboard technical director