Q: How do I log in and find my membership details?

A: Go to the APSI shop and log in, next click on 'My Membership' and log in using your email address and password.  This page will show your certification level, as well as your membership and certification expiry dates.



Q: How can I pay for my membership?

A: You can pay for your membership online through the APSI online store. Simply log in, follow the prompts and purchase the level of membership that you require.



Q: Can I register for a course online?

A: Yes - Please visit the APSI online storeto register.



Q: What is a recall?

A: A recall is training that is run through the APSI to keep you up to date with the latest techniques. You do not have to be working as an instructor to attend recall.

The current choices for are recall are either to attend a spring sessionon-snow training day OR a home-study   which includes a new manual, online exam and on-snow training which can be done in your own time at any resort worldwide.




Q: Is my overseas qualification equivalent to the APSI levels?

A: Yes - Much of the time there is an equivalency. We will need to see a copy of your certification and your work experience. You can complete an application for recognition of prior learning here. Please email  the APSI office if you have any questions.



Q: Am I eligible for an ISIA stamp?

A: If you are an existing ISIA stamp holder you should be eligible each year. You will be expected to be current with your APSI training which means you must have attended a recall in the past three years. You must also have a current First Aid certificate and be an APSI Level 3 or above.

If you are applying for an ISIA stamp for the first time then there are additional requirements for ISIA certification. You must show proof of:

  • A second language.
  • Training in a second teaching discipline, though you are not required to be certified in this second discipline.
  • Avalanche awareness training.
  • A current 1st aid certificate.



Q: How do I become a snow sports instructor?

A: The APSI Level One Course  is available at different locations throughout the snow season (including Japan) and provides you with all that you will need to embark on your snowsport instructing career. The next step is to apply for a job at one of the many Snowsport schools around Australia. The course includes a three day course, a one day assessment, APSI membership and discipline specific manual.